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I'm Vanessa, a mom of two beautiful little girls who are four years apart and I enjoy creating things and bringing them to life.


I started mommonality to share my stories about motherhood & parenting, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel and health & wellness in hopes of discovering that there are others out there who I share some commonalities with while on his journey called LIFE.








  1. the state of sharing motherhood features or characteristics in common; possession or manifestation of common attributes is it relates to motherhood.


   2. a feature or characteristic held in common.

Parenthood, the scariest hood you'll ever walk through.


I'm sure you've heard that saying before... But seriously, as moms (ok, and dads) we are continuously earning our stripes as parents. 


Motherhood, is not always rainbows and unicorns - its tough stuff.  Whether you have 1 or 5 or more children (I call those people super-humans), each day brings something new and no two days are the same so you're absolutely BOUND to have a few good days and bad days. Some are filled with smiles and fun and others filled with crap-tastic stained walls, puke infested car seats and public displays of your child's temper tantrums showcasing just how much they DON'T LIKE YOU (to put it lightly). Oh, and let's not forget childbearing, labor (or difficult adoption processes and fertility hurdles) and figuring everything else out for like THE REST OF YOUR LIFE as if you're some kind of inventor all of a sudden. 


So here's to earning our stripes one day at a time and here's to you for stopping by and reading about how I continue to earn mine here on mommonality.

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