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Baby No. 2 Loading...

Friday I had, what I hope was, my LAST OB appointment.

During this week's visit, the doctor let me know exactly where the baby's head was and I was super happy see that the doctor was demonstrating her wee noggin' being so low... that means she's coming soon right?!

It's really anyone's guess so we shall see.

Me preggers with baby number two at 39 weeks and 3 days - the exercise ball is my best friend these days!

Speaking of guesses, we took a poll of our family's guesses to see who would guess the correct (or close to) date that baby number two would be born. I'm due on April 10, by the way and no one choose that date as their guess.

Here are their guesses:

Mom (that's me)

March 29: Which has since passed... I was hoping she would make an appearance early but she clearly has other plans.


April 4

Big Sister

April 5

My Mom (aka Grandma)

April 6 or 8 - My mother think's she's special apparently (and she is, I mean that jokingly) so she gets to choose two dates.


April 11


April 8


April 8


April 11


April 12

A guess is a guess at the end of the day... I'm just anxious for our second baby girl's arrival. While we're talking dates, April 16, is my birthday - it would be sweet to share the day with her - but let's be honest, if she were to make her grand appearance that day, it would totally become hers and I am all for it!

For now all we can do is sit tight and wait...

Next appointment with the OB is scheduled for April 12, (two days after her expected due date) so here's to hoping she comes before then.

Perhaps the next time I post the entry will be titled: Welcome Baby No. 2!

Until next time.

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