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Mother's Day

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Recently a family member of ours shared an Open Letter to New Moms on Mother's Day, naturally I read it since 15 months of motherhood in my mind didn't exactly qualify me as experienced... so I checked it out. It's a great read for new moms and for moms who may be seasoned and want a little reminder of just how "far" they've come. 

Anyway, MOTHER'S DAY - This was my second and since my daughter was born, both her and I have cuddled, kissed, laughed and played for 15 months! The time really does fly when you're having fun. But let's be honest, it hasn't been all fun and games. There were tears, sleepless nights, confusion and frustration but we've managed to figure it out as we've both come blossom into our roles as Mother and Daughter.

This year I suggested we take a drive down to Niagara Falls and enjoy a picnic... I had planned and prepped, naturally, and of course the weather did not cooperate that day. It was cold and VERY windy. Instead we took a stroll or two, or FIVE around the Casino until we got hungry and decided to eat at Canyon Creek. It was simple and yet so perfect to be with my small family celebrating me as a mom. This for sure has been my new favourite "holiday". Jay and Aria also had a few gifts for me -I absolutely loved them especially since they're practical and I know I will use them. Other than that it was beautiful (especially the weather on the DRIVE HOME which would have been nice to have when we arrived) to spend some much needed family time with no other interruptions or commitments to others. 

I hope all the moms (step-moms, adoptive/foster and mother-like figures and single Dads playing both roles) out there had a beautiful Mother's Day.

Until next year... Happy Mother's Day ladies.

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