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My Valentine... Fitness

Candy, gummies and chocolate! No thank you. 

This Valentine's Day I decided to hit up the gym. 

I have to say that this whole New Year's Resolution about working out more and losing a couple pounds has become more than that. I guess I should start off by sharing with you that I use to be a member of a Goodlife Fitness Club in my home town. However, when school rolled around and I was headed back to St. Catharines I decided to cancel my membership and focus on school.  ​ Mistake number one.

Not only did I gain back the 10 pounds I had lost but I also became irritable, emotional and lethargic all thanks to my poor planing of meals and my terrible food choices. So I joined the gym again, this time Goodlife Women's Club in St. Catharines.

Since Joining in December I have attended various classes to motivate me and it worked! I instantly loved the butt-kicking workout BODYCOMBAT gave me, the energy rush of BODYATTACK and the mind-clearing relaxation of BODYFLOW. With the combination of these classes, along with my own cardio training, I lost the 10 pounds I had gained from my time off at the gym  and some. 

I have to admit that adding fitness into my life isn't the only change I made. In addition to fitness I began to eat differently, and by that I mean much healthier to the point where I limited my intake of red meat, poultry and dairy and totally eliminated white refined sugared foods. Clearly this also means that I won't be having ice cream, candy or chocolate so I guess Valentine's Day treats are out of the question for me. But it does't matter because it has been these choices that have made me happy that I have stuck to this plan and my body has thanked me with wonderful results physically and emotionally. If I can do it, then believe me, anyone can!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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