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Elation Hydration

My most important role as a mom is to make sure my kids are properly hydrated with the healthiest water. Tap water is not the solution and full of chemicals, bottled water is acidic and full of plastic particles and reverse osmosis water systems take out all the minerals and are not good for us to drink. I found the best solution to our water needs which is a Water ionizer from the company Enagic in Japan that sits on your kitchen counter, attaches to your sink and produces amazing healthy Electrolized reduced water which increases your bodies PH to a more alkaline state. It is called Kangen water and it means “Return to Origin”. The machine not only produces the best drinking but other waters to clean your home toxic free and remove pesticides from your fruits and vegetables. It has changed my families health and I want to share this with everyone to give your family the best foundation for health.

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Change House



Where style and community come together. Our passion has always been style and fashion. Sometimes vintage, sometimes edgy, sometimes trendy and sometimes classy. However the mood strikes, whatever phase of life, we’ve changed with it. We wanted to curate collections for all women who love looking fabulous without having to spend hours mall walking and tracking the fast fashion world.

Whether you change your personal style, your taste for fashion, your beauty routine, your diet, or mindset; change is the only constant! Accept it. Embrace it. Love it!

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Route 26

We Custom Design Stylish Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Tees For The Whole Family Inspired By Living The Georgian Bay Lifestyle. Our Collections Are Both Fashionable And Cozy With Soft Fabrics, Neutral Colours And Unique Designs. We Have An Online Boutique And An insta-worthy Mobile Pop Up Shop. Our Mobile Shop Is Available For Private Shopping Parties Perfect For Your Next Micro Girls Night, Birthday Or Bachelorette.

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Knowledge First





As Canada's largest RESP Company, Knowledge First Financial is uniquely able to service  your education  savings needs and apply for the FREE Education Government Grants.

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